Puerto Marima- As Supplied and Translated by the developer.



FOUNDATION: Reinforced concrete slabs.
STRUCTURE: Built out of reinforced concrete columns, flan beams and small beams
ROOF: Built in antique style


Masonry and Insulation:

· Exterior walls built out of double brick with a chamber containing insulation panels.
· Partition walls built with two-holed bricks.
· Insulation between ground and property in the form of a chamber.


Exterior walls:
· Petrea paint in ocre range.
· Windows and balcony in different styles according to the project.
· Walls and ceilings painted with a plastic finish using the gotelé technique 
· Dropped ceilings made of plaster in bathrooms and kitchen.
· Plaster mouldings along perimeter of ceilings throughout the entire property.

Flooring and Tiles

· Top quality “ROCA” (New collection) tiles and decorative borders in kitchen and bathrooms.
· Top quality “ROCA” (2002 Gaudi collection) tiles and skirting boards throughout the entire property.


· White lacquered aluminium exterior
· Aluminium shutters with security small bolts in the same colour.
· Front door of the property lacquered in white colour fitted with security triple lock.
· Soffit doors lacquered model 2003, stainless handles and latches in bathrooms open able exteriorly in case of emergency.
· Wardrobes with sliding wool doors, the interiors designed with high shelves and rod
· Kitchen: Fully furnished with high and low cupboards.


Plumbing and bathroom fittings:
· Interior installation inside property of copper pipes suspended from the ceiling.
· ROCA bathrooms fitting with single control taps. 
· Stainless steel kitchen sink. 

· Interior installation with “BECKER” or similar machinery.
· Television and telephone sockets in main bedroom and living room according the planes. 
· Pre-installed shared telecommunications systems for cable. 


· Communal swimming pool lined in sandstone, fully equipped, including a water purifier. 
· Garden areas with plants native to the region.
· Lawn area around swimming pool
· Walkways to the housing units and common areas.
· Name of the community with hand made tiles in the exterior.

NOTE: In the judgment of Production Management, the aforementioned materials could be replaced by others of similar or better quality.


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